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Empowering children and families to break free from poverty

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On behalf of the hundreds of vulnerable children and families we serve, THANK YOU for supporting our mission of eradicating poverty across Colombia

Today only, your donations hold twice the impact. Thanks to some very generous anonymous donors, every dollar you donate today will be 100% matched.
Any donation made by midnight tonight will be DOUBLED until we hit our goal of $30,000. All funds raised today will bless our God is Love school teachers, chaplains, nurses, psychologists, and social workers.
They make Conviventia’s mission a reality every day by sowing seeds of love and encouragement into the children & families we serve. They travel far, work very long hours, and go the extra mile on a daily basis without ever losing the smile on their face.
The Lord has blessed our schools with outstanding, God-fearing staff members. We thank you deeply for helping us bless them in return today.
We couldn’t do this without YOU!”