We invite you to join our Life Strikes, Faith Strikes Back campaign.  image

We invite you to join our Life Strikes, Faith Strikes Back campaign.

Together we can help families affected by COVID-19 in impoverished communities in Colombia

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COVID-19 Strikes our Communities in Colombia

Our communities have been devastated by the adverse impacts of the pandemic. Violence, fear and hopelessness have increased as the nationwide lock-down in March led to the collapse of Colombia’s informal economy, eliminating most of Conviventia’s families’ only source of income.

That first weekend, Our project directors began receiving phone calls from families in crisis, not able to put food on the table. We immediately responded to help the most vulnerable families with emergency food assistance. Our Family Strengthening and Ministry Team has been counseling over 140 families in crisis, working through issues of job loss, health fears and strained family dynamics. Our teachers have been working long hours in amazing and creative ways to allow students to continue their education through distance learning, using mobile phones to create video lessons and stay connected with the students and parents.

Over 50% of the families linked to the projects have lost their source of income. Families are struggling to cover their tuition support. Families usually contribute between $10 - $25 of the $75/month/student cost to operate the schools. But economic impacts have made it extremely hard to cover even this amount. In April we saw an 80% drop in families’ abilities to cover tuition. In addition, the number of families needing emergency food assistance and counseling continues to grow.

It is for this reason that we have launched our Life Strikes, Faith Strikes Back campaign, and we invite you to join us. Your donation will help provide essential support such as emergency food assistance, ministry and counseling to families in crisis and tuition assistance for students attending the Conviventia “God is Love” schools.

By contributing to this campaign, you are putting your faith into action and showing these people that hope and love are both real and tangible. You are directly impacting the lives of these children and families, granting them access to much needed food support, counseling, and a holistic Christian education where they can follow their dreams to forge their path out of poverty and know their worth and identity in Christ!