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Support a child today!

100 days, 100 dreams… 100 children’s lives transformed!

$216 raised

$3,500 goal

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We want to find 100 new Friends of Hope that will take action and support one of these 100 children...

Dreams are both beautiful and fragile; a glimpse of what is possible, an
inspiration that moves us forward, and sometimes a fleeting moment.

Education, the opportunity to go to school, is something we take for granted. Elementary schools are in all of our
neighborhoods. We hear the sounds of children on the playground at recess. We hear the excited crowds at the
high school stadiums on Friday nights at kick off. We see all the proud family members walking into Reliant
Stadium to watch their children graduate from high school.
In impoverished communities such as El Pozon, Lucero Alto, and Altos de Cazuca, Colombia, children have the
same dream to attend school, to receive an education, to better themselves and break free from the cycle of

On July 21st we kicked off our 100 Dreams campaign, just 100 days from our anniversary gala celebrating
50 years of ministry in Colombia. For the next 100 days, we want to find 100 new Friends of Hope that will take
action and support one of these 100 children, to help them pursue their dreams.
Each one of these children is a
beautiful person, created in the image and likeness of God, and deserving of opportunity and to live with dignity.

Let's make the evening of October 28 a night to remember, a night where we can look back at the 100 previous
days and realize that we just made 100 dreams come true. That we just provided 100 children with access to a
strong Christian education, equipping them with the knowledge, skills and understanding necessary to bring their
dreams to life.

Support a child today!